iOS 10 To Feature Smart Home Kit Apps

It’s time to forget all smart devices because rumors in the air that Apple is bringing some apps to control each and every nook and corner of your smart home with its upcoming iOS 10. The world is changing and the household too. Technology steps into each part of our sweet home, from smart sensing lights to heat sensing air conditioners, we can get everything controlled at our fingertips with Apple’s new standalone smart home kit apps.

Standalone Home Kit apps to control Smart Home from iPhone

Let us inform you; it’s not coming with a software upgrade, with the next OS, iOS 10 instead. Various rumors have indicated towards some drastic changes of iPhone’s next operating system. Finally lion comes out of the cave.

For developers, a new window of new opportunities, you better can say a window of limitless opportunities because there are a lot of things you can do while it comes to put technologies into every household items and machines!

Smart Home Kit App Finally becomes iPhone Compatible

In the next month, Apple is gonna hold a conference for developers and this concept may be introduced there in front of the all enthusiastic developers. If you think that it’s a sudden change then you are absolutely wrong my buddy. Apple introduced it long back ago, in 2014 for the developers and manufacturers of household machines and tools. But this time it’s coming with a band and as a user, you can experience every little changed in smart home concept.

WWDC 2016 and upcoming iOS 10- Change is coming

Doubtlessly, iOS 10 will change the whole overview of controlling smart home devices. It’s time to go remoteless and do all things using your iPhone only. Many companies are heading to capture the market of smart home tools seriously and Apple is not far behind to grab this opportunity to control every iPhone user. Companies like LG have already announced that they have made their way through iPhone compatible apps to control the machines and tools. Be prepared to experience a ground-shaking change in WWDC 2016 which is gonna start from 13th June.