iOS 10 Promises An Improvised and Much Better Siri

If you get annoyed while hearing voicemails, then you are not the only person who hates this ordeal. I find instant messengers and text messages are much better way to converse with someone, when you cannot reach over that person in phone.

Good news is that, Apple developers have come to know how much we hate voicemail and thereby it is trying to improvise Siri in such a way so that Siri can take calls on our behalf and transcribe the voicemail messages as well. This would be a major development that iOS 10 is expected to come with next year.

This service would be named iCloud Voicemail and it would let iPhone to provide instruction to Siri when they are busy. Thereafter, Siri is going to take all the calls on behalf of the user instead of automatically passing it on to voicemail. Thereafter, the caller can leave a message which will be automatically transcribed by Siri and saved in iCloud.

In the present iOS, some major improvements were integrated specially with regard to the virtual assistant feature, which was made all the more powerful. The virtual assistant of iOS 9 platform has become a prototype of Google Now, thereby assisting the users in all possible ways.

However, we could not ignore the fact that Apple’s interest in developing the virtual assistant, developing the iCloud service and launching of the unique SIM card concept might be an indication of the fact that Apple is thinking of starting over a new business. It will be planning to become a mobile virtual network operator in the future and that is why it has started taking all these baby steps.

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