Minecraft Update Removed Mentions of Notch, The Game’s Creator

Minecraft is one of the most popular mainstream games of all time and now it seems that its creator Notch will be completely forgotten from the history of Minecraft. That’s what Microsoft is doing with one of their crown jewel: Minecraft. In the recent Minecraft update, a lot of references to Marcus will be deleted from the Game.

Minecraft is an open world creative survival game created by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson way back in 2009. He started everything on his own, then he later employed a couple of employees.

It is one of the most sucessful game of all time which has made billions of dollars.

Microsot is really hoping that you no longer associate the game with its creator. Previously we used to see shout out to Notch in the game splash screen itself. You would see a yellow text displaying random messages when the minecraft starts and some of those messages referres to the its creator Notch like “Made by Notch!” or “The Work of Notch!”

Mojang Deletes Minecraft Creator’s References from the Game

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Mojang recently released a new update for minecraft: pocket edition and the recent Minecraft Update has changed all of that. Now it says “Originally made by Zachary Barth. If you don’t know who is Zachary Barth then he was one who made Infiniminer from where Notch drove a lot of inspiration for the Minecraft.

This was first discovered by a Twitter user @decrepitlab who was the first one to dig into the new update and found out that Marcus is no longer in other mentions like “Made by Notch!”, “The Work of Notch!”, or “110813!” on the splash screen. Do you know? 110813 is actually Notch’s own wedding date and Yeah! They separated when Marcus became famous.

Here’s the official changelog information:

Note: Marcus “Notch” Persson name is not completely removed from the game, it will still appear on the game credit sequence.

Well, all these are gone now all thanks to Microsoft who bought Minecraft. Marcus stopped working for Minecraft in 2014 which is roughly six years from now after selling the rights of the game as well as the studio Mojang which includes it’s employees to Microsoft back in 2014 for a massive $2.5 billion. Since then Mojang and Microsoft worked together to made the game available for a lot of platforms like PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and even last gen consoles!

How Microsoft rescued Minecraft from Notch

Notch became very rich, he has billions of dollars and outbid Beyonce for the Beverly Hills mansion for $70 Million and he also has a towering candy dispenser along his walls of its hallway.

Why is Microsoft getting Anti-Notch?

Maybe because Notch has lost his mind a little? Having a lot of disposable income and a lot of time is surely not good for your mental health. Notch is very bad in representing a public image and it seems like Minecraft does not want to keep any controversy around its well-growing product. Notch has become a lonely and toxic internet creep and does a lot of shitposting on social media especially on Twitter. A lot of things are very political and controversial stuffs now.

When he first made Billions from Microsoft he was upset a little bit and mentioned that “Money doesn’t make you happy” and these statements made a lot of controversies and some of that controversy rippled back onto Minecraft and back onto Microsoft.

There is freedom of speech, no doubt! It’s completely fine to share your opinion but when these opinions come across audiences with different ages like kids then some people will surely reflect that onto Microsoft like “Yeah Minecraft is a great game except the person who made it is transphobic or racist. These are the labels which are attached to Notch these days and It is a business, right? and big companies don’t like controversies, Microsoft had the game in hand longer than Notch did So they kind of want to keep a distance from Notch. And that’s what Notch became these days and the person from which Microsoft saved the Minecraft from

Final Words:

What do you guys think Notch’s reference removal from Minecraft was justifiable or it was reasonable considering what kind of person Notch became lately. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay connected for upcoming news and updates from Minecraft.…