The Global launch of OYO lite app

oyo lite

OYO is one of the largest chains of hotels in India and its popularity has risen significantly in the past few years. Guests from around the world, stays in OYO hotels and it has grown a very positive image in the minds of the users round the world. Travellers and guests rely on OYO rooms not only because of the quality service that it provides, but also because of the affordability of the prices. Using the OYO referral code, guests can even get some discount on the room prices.

Starting from cleanliness, to security and hospitality, the OYO partners take care of everything and that has led to an immense increase in the demand of these rooms. Like most of the service providers in the modern era, OYO too has a app from where you can manage your hotel bookings and can surf all the options available in the area along with its price and facilities.

With the increasing use of lite applications from various service providers, OYO too is not lagging behind and has launched its global lite applications for its global users. The main motive behind launching a lite application would include usage of lower space in the mobile devices and getting all the services with a slower network connection. Now travellers can confirm their stay at OYO rooms anytime they want without worrying about the poor signal strength.

Some highlights of the OYO application

Talking about the highlights of the application, the OYO lite app has been designed in such a way that it would work just the same as the normal app even in areas that has connectivity issues. This is a big up gradation from the traditional application as travellers might not get good signal strength for any and every place. With the lite application, you would now not have to worry about 4g signal speed as the application is really smooth and light.

Space is one of the biggest issues as with the increasing use of smartphones and huge number of applications for each of the services, the spaces in the smartphones are coming to be really less. Being of only 800 kb, it would take up very less space in your device. This would make the functioning of your phone lag free and the application would also run really smoothly.

Finally, it is equipped with a SOS button, pressing to which the guests would get immediate assistance even from the Safety Response Team. This can come really handy in times of emergency as the guests would get all round assistance from the on ground team as well as the specially trained SRT whenever they need irrespective of which OYO hotels they are staying at. The guests would also be able to contact the local law enforcement authorities in such situations with the help of this feature.

The Chief Technology Officer at OYO, Mr. Anil Goel stated that the lite application would come really handy to the travellers as they would not have worry about the internet connection. He said that for majority of the travellers, the price remains the main concern along with quality of services and security. The OYO team develops staying solutions with technological innovations in such a way that it would cater to the needs of all types of travellers.

Apart from the mix and match of different staying solutions, the launch of the lite app has enabled the guests to choose their stay in much more easier way. The lite app has solved two of the major problems that guests used to face on the original app and they are usage of more storage space and using the application smoothly even at slower speed.

The benefits of OYO lite Applications

When it comes to usage and interface of the OYO lite application, it is somewhere similar to the original one with all the facilities being available in the same. This knock-off version has all the basic features which would enable you to book your stay according to your choices and preferences. It would give the guest the option to book their stay at the best OYO rooms using the minimum amount of resources. They can use the app even in low-end smartphones without any problems.

OYO is one of the highest growing companies in the world that needs no introduction. Standalone hotels these days are taking up OYO franchise which has increased their business many fold times. In the last few years, the growth of the brand has been immense and more assert owners are getting associated with the brand so that they can become a part of the growing family.

With multiple additions to the number of rooms each day in OYO, the database of the application keeps on increasing and as a result, travellers would have multiple options of stay available in a single locality. And with the addition of the lite version, the convenience of the guests has definitely increased.…