iOS 10 To Feature all in one Control for iPhone, MacBook and Smart TV

One after another rumours are hitting the market and iOS 10 rumour heating up the environment. Apple’s upcoming smartphone operating system is going to feature a never seen technology that will enable users to control Apple TV and Macbook and that also by some simple tapping. It’s going to be an “all in one” operating system for all Apple devices.

A better Siri, better Voice Control

Siri is coming with a couple of improvements this time. Let your voice command your wish. It’s refining the voice search. Go touchless and go beyond the future.

Control Every Apple device with iOS 10

With an iPhone you can control everything what you need, from changing channels in your TV to controlling Macbook. Beta version is expected to release in June 2016. Rumors rounding up that iOS 10 can’t be jail broken. This system is called rootless.

Privacy is still a big concern

Apple is working on fixing bugs and controlling hackers. Privacy in iCloud is expected to be tightened up as a lot of controversies were boomed out after celebs’ secret pictures had leaked publicly by a group of hackers.

Rumors are indicating some prominent changes like fluidic control panel and all in one setting where anyone can do with the Apple devices in home whatever they want. It seems by iOS 10; Apple is trying to bring all things under a single umbrella. Is it for simple control or towards a gigantic and robust technological revolution? Time will reveal everything.…