Some Android Marshmallow Features That We Would Love To See in iOS 10

Android and iOS are the two widely used mobile platforms that dominate the entire world. These two companies have totally different business strategies and thus they seldom come into conflict with one another. Both these mobile platforms are extremely efficient and user friendly. I had the privilege of using both these platforms, and though both are my favorites but I found some features of Android Marshmallow that was missing in iOS. When I was using both these platforms simultaneously for many days, I was constantly comparing the features of these two platforms in my mind and that gave me the inspiration to pen down all the features of Android Marshmallow that we expect iOS 10 to have next year.

Virtual Home Button

We know that the home button in iPhones is kind of its signature style, but I feel that if Apple removes it, then it could increase the screen size without compromising with any of the functions of the gadget. Though iOS comes with a virtual back button in some apps in the left corner of the screen, but it is not as user friendly as Android platform’s one.

Location Responsive Device Functionality

Android users already have the privilege of setting the functionality of the device according to its location i.e. the functionality of the device will change automatically according to location like office, home, car or any other place. For example if the gadget detects that you are travelling in your car, the gadget would automatically connect car’s Bluetooth with the phone’s one. Or if it detects that you have reached home, then it disables all the lock screen features. We have hearing rumors that iOS platform is also going to support such feature from a long time, but we are yet to see it.

Multiple Users Support

Android platform supports multiple user support which enables many users to see a single gadget without interfering with the others documents. This is specially useful in a family where more than one can use a tablet and at the same time the parents can keep an eye on the activities of the children when they are connected to the net. Till now we didn’t find this feature in iOS platform and we really hope to see it soon.

Improve Proactive

Proactive and Google Now are the two virtual assistants that even introduced by Google and Apple respectively. After using both it is absolutely evident that Google Now is much better in comparison to Proactive. Google Now keeps you updated about your regular appointments, flight schedule, events and apps and I personally find it really convenient. Though Google Now is also available in iOS platform but it is not as efficient as in Android platform because of Google’s privacy features.

Modify Default Apps  

Though Apple gadgets are preferred by most users because, its range of products is extremely personalized, but while using it you may have the feeling that you are using a stranger’s phone. This is because Apple never allows the users to uninstall the default apps. Most Apple users would be happy to hear that Apple is also allowing third party apps in its gadgets in place of the default apps. Lets hope that this year iPhone users will have the option of uninstalling preinstalled apps and using third party apps.

Wider Range of Wallpapers

Android users can easily change wallpapers and a wide range of 2D as well as 3D theme based wallpapers are available to the users. Android users can easily download it and change it. But iOS users have access to a limited collection of live wallpapers and honestly it is not as remarkable as Android’s wallpapers. This is one of the most serious drawbacks of iOS platform on which it needs to work on.

Free Google Backup

Android users have the privilege of creating a back up of all your data and photos in Google Drive or Photos at free of cost. Any smartphone run on Android platform of any price range will have this privilege only of they have access to internet. However, iPhone users have to pay excess monthly fee for getting access to iCloud. It is time that iOS users at least allow its users to store at least a limited amount of data in iCloud at free of cost.

Better Top of Screen Status Bar

The Top of Screen Status bar of iPhone or iPad mainly consist of unnecessary things like the carriers name, long battery and other things which are not that important. However, the status bar of Android platform mainly displays all the necessary things such as alarm clock if you have already set an alarm, download status, Wi-fi and Bluetooth symbol if they are turned on and other important things that are present in the notification center. This is really helpful for the users and if we iOS adapts this feature, then we would be more than happy.

Change Emergency Alert Settings

Both Android and iOS has emergency alert features. However, in iOS platform there is no option to change the settings of the emergency alert like disable vibration or give reminder only once in two minutes or fifteen minutes. Moreover, there is an option to categorize between ‘extreme threat to life and property’, ‘severe threat to life and property’ and AMBER alerts. In iOS platform users have only two options ‘emergency alert’ or ‘AMBER Alerts’ and with the option of either turning them on or off.

Touch ID Should Not Wipe Away Notifications

One of the main problems with iOS is that whenever the user touches the Touch ID, all the notifications wipe away and are stored in the form of group notification. This is not so in case of Android platform. I have to swipe through them one by one to clear it. I found Android approach to handle this problem which more scientific and user friendly and thus would expect in next generation iOS platform i.e. iOS 10.…