The Global launch of OYO lite app

oyo lite

OYO is one of the largest chains of hotels in India and its popularity has risen significantly in the past few years. Guests from around the world, stays in OYO hotels and it has grown a very positive image in the minds of the users round the world. Travellers and guests rely on OYO rooms not only because of the quality service that it provides, but also because of the affordability of the prices. Using the OYO referral code, guests can even get some discount on the room prices.

Starting from cleanliness, to security and hospitality, the OYO partners take care of everything and that has led to an immense increase in the demand of these rooms. Like most of the service providers in the modern era, OYO too has a app from where you can manage your hotel bookings and can surf all the options available in the area along with its price and facilities.

With the increasing use of lite applications from various service providers, OYO too is not lagging behind and has launched its global lite applications for its global users. The main motive behind launching a lite application would include usage of lower space in the mobile devices and getting all the services with a slower network connection. Now travellers can confirm their stay at OYO rooms anytime they want without worrying about the poor signal strength.

Some highlights of the OYO application

Talking about the highlights of the application, the OYO lite app has been designed in such a way that it would work just the same as the normal app even in areas that has connectivity issues. This is a big up gradation from the traditional application as travellers might not get good signal strength for any and every place. With the lite application, you would now not have to worry about 4g signal speed as the application is really smooth and light.

Space is one of the biggest issues as with the increasing use of smartphones and huge number of applications for each of the services, the spaces in the smartphones are coming to be really less. Being of only 800 kb, it would take up very less space in your device. This would make the functioning of your phone lag free and the application would also run really smoothly.

Finally, it is equipped with a SOS button, pressing to which the guests would get immediate assistance even from the Safety Response Team. This can come really handy in times of emergency as the guests would get all round assistance from the on ground team as well as the specially trained SRT whenever they need irrespective of which OYO hotels they are staying at. The guests would also be able to contact the local law enforcement authorities in such situations with the help of this feature.

The Chief Technology Officer at OYO, Mr. Anil Goel stated that the lite application would come really handy to the travellers as they would not have worry about the internet connection. He said that for majority of the travellers, the price remains the main concern along with quality of services and security. The OYO team develops staying solutions with technological innovations in such a way that it would cater to the needs of all types of travellers.

Apart from the mix and match of different staying solutions, the launch of the lite app has enabled the guests to choose their stay in much more easier way. The lite app has solved two of the major problems that guests used to face on the original app and they are usage of more storage space and using the application smoothly even at slower speed.

The benefits of OYO lite Applications

When it comes to usage and interface of the OYO lite application, it is somewhere similar to the original one with all the facilities being available in the same. This knock-off version has all the basic features which would enable you to book your stay according to your choices and preferences. It would give the guest the option to book their stay at the best OYO rooms using the minimum amount of resources. They can use the app even in low-end smartphones without any problems.

OYO is one of the highest growing companies in the world that needs no introduction. Standalone hotels these days are taking up OYO franchise which has increased their business many fold times. In the last few years, the growth of the brand has been immense and more assert owners are getting associated with the brand so that they can become a part of the growing family.

With multiple additions to the number of rooms each day in OYO, the database of the application keeps on increasing and as a result, travellers would have multiple options of stay available in a single locality. And with the addition of the lite version, the convenience of the guests has definitely increased.…

Minecraft Update Removed Mentions of Notch, The Game’s Creator

Minecraft is one of the most popular mainstream games of all time and now it seems that its creator Notch will be completely forgotten from the history of Minecraft. That’s what Microsoft is doing with one of their crown jewel: Minecraft. In the recent Minecraft update, a lot of references to Marcus will be deleted from the Game.

Minecraft is an open world creative survival game created by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson way back in 2009. He started everything on his own, then he later employed a couple of employees.

It is one of the most sucessful game of all time which has made billions of dollars.

Microsot is really hoping that you no longer associate the game with its creator. Previously we used to see shout out to Notch in the game splash screen itself. You would see a yellow text displaying random messages when the minecraft starts and some of those messages referres to the its creator Notch like “Made by Notch!” or “The Work of Notch!”

Mojang Deletes Minecraft Creator’s References from the Game

Minecraft pe

Mojang recently released a new update for minecraft: pocket edition and the recent Minecraft Update has changed all of that. Now it says “Originally made by Zachary Barth. If you don’t know who is Zachary Barth then he was one who made Infiniminer from where Notch drove a lot of inspiration for the Minecraft.

This was first discovered by a Twitter user @decrepitlab who was the first one to dig into the new update and found out that Marcus is no longer in other mentions like “Made by Notch!”, “The Work of Notch!”, or “110813!” on the splash screen. Do you know? 110813 is actually Notch’s own wedding date and Yeah! They separated when Marcus became famous.

Here’s the official changelog information:

Note: Marcus “Notch” Persson name is not completely removed from the game, it will still appear on the game credit sequence.

Well, all these are gone now all thanks to Microsoft who bought Minecraft. Marcus stopped working for Minecraft in 2014 which is roughly six years from now after selling the rights of the game as well as the studio Mojang which includes it’s employees to Microsoft back in 2014 for a massive $2.5 billion. Since then Mojang and Microsoft worked together to made the game available for a lot of platforms like PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and even last gen consoles!

How Microsoft rescued Minecraft from Notch

Notch became very rich, he has billions of dollars and outbid Beyonce for the Beverly Hills mansion for $70 Million and he also has a towering candy dispenser along his walls of its hallway.

Why is Microsoft getting Anti-Notch?

Maybe because Notch has lost his mind a little? Having a lot of disposable income and a lot of time is surely not good for your mental health. Notch is very bad in representing a public image and it seems like Minecraft does not want to keep any controversy around its well-growing product. Notch has become a lonely and toxic internet creep and does a lot of shitposting on social media especially on Twitter. A lot of things are very political and controversial stuffs now.

When he first made Billions from Microsoft he was upset a little bit and mentioned that “Money doesn’t make you happy” and these statements made a lot of controversies and some of that controversy rippled back onto Minecraft and back onto Microsoft.

There is freedom of speech, no doubt! It’s completely fine to share your opinion but when these opinions come across audiences with different ages like kids then some people will surely reflect that onto Microsoft like “Yeah Minecraft is a great game except the person who made it is transphobic or racist. These are the labels which are attached to Notch these days and It is a business, right? and big companies don’t like controversies, Microsoft had the game in hand longer than Notch did So they kind of want to keep a distance from Notch. And that’s what Notch became these days and the person from which Microsoft saved the Minecraft from

Final Words:

What do you guys think Notch’s reference removal from Minecraft was justifiable or it was reasonable considering what kind of person Notch became lately. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay connected for upcoming news and updates from Minecraft.…

What is the case fan on the computer?

Man fitting case fan

Don’t get confused by the word “case fan.” It is the same fan you see inside your Central Processing Unit (CPU). It is also referred to as a system fan by many of the individuals like us. The name case fan is given to these fans because it is either attached to the front or back of your CPU case generally.

The primary objective of the case fan is to pull inside the fresh air from the surroundings and blow out the hot air of the CPU outside of the case. You can see a large variety of the fans sizes, but the most popular formats are 80 mm, 92 mm and 120 mm for the case fan.

According to the definition of the case fan, it is known as a device which is used to keep a computer or a computer device cooling by blowing out the hot air from the system outside and taking in the cold air inside the system, to protect the system from the excess heat.

The speed of a case fan is always measured in Revolutions per Minute (RPM). If a fan has a higher RPM rating, then the spinning speed of a fan would be higher. But many of the fans with the higher RPM also sound higher. So if you are going to buy a case fan, then you must check its sound, so that it should not be annoying for you.

Let’s check out the different types of fan used in the system.

Case fan– The fan which is installed inside the case, attached to the side of the matter is called a case fan.
CPU fan– It’s the fan which is installed above the top of the processor to keep the processor cooler.
Power supply fan– The power supply fan is located inside the power supply unit. It blows out the hot air outside the power supply unit and keeping it fresh.
Video card fan– This type of fan is used to cool the video card installed in your system.

How to install a case fan?

A case is always installed at the side of an argument either back side of the case or bottom of a computer (CPU) case. These fans are mounted with four screws generally. The screws used are either made of rubber or steel, but rubber screws usually are preferred. If you buy a case fan, you will get the screws with it for installing it and keeping it in place. Some of the case fans come with drivers also to work correctly. So, in that case, you will have to install the drivers too according to the operating system you are using.

Some of the factors must be kept in mind while choosing a case fan are:-

3- pin and 4-pin

A 3-pin fan connector has wires to connect, and you cannot control its RPM and speed by yourself.
But a 4-pin connector generally comes with Pulse width modulation control (PWM) feature. You can control the speed of these fans by using the software which comes with the fan.

Fan speed

The speed of a fan is always measured in RPM, which means how many times a fan completes a full rotation in one minute. Higher RPM means some revolutions per minute.

Fan size

We have already talked about the different types of fan sizes and the fan sizes used generally. The fan sizes determine the amount of air coming in and going out of the system. More the fan size more the air comes in and goes out.

CFM or Cubic feet per minute

It is one of the best specification to look at while buying a case fan. It means how much amount of air a fan can move in or out. It determines a fan’s cooling performance.

Wrapping it Up

Now you can understand the specifications and factors essential to buy a case fan and why it is termed as a case fan? And I hope after going through this article you can decide by Just seeing the specification now.…

Some Android Marshmallow Features That We Would Love To See in iOS 10

Android and iOS are the two widely used mobile platforms that dominate the entire world. These two companies have totally different business strategies and thus they seldom come into conflict with one another. Both these mobile platforms are extremely efficient and user friendly. I had the privilege of using both these platforms, and though both are my favorites but I found some features of Android Marshmallow that was missing in iOS. When I was using both these platforms simultaneously for many days, I was constantly comparing the features of these two platforms in my mind and that gave me the inspiration to pen down all the features of Android Marshmallow that we expect iOS 10 to have next year.

Virtual Home Button

We know that the home button in iPhones is kind of its signature style, but I feel that if Apple removes it, then it could increase the screen size without compromising with any of the functions of the gadget. Though iOS comes with a virtual back button in some apps in the left corner of the screen, but it is not as user friendly as Android platform’s one.

Location Responsive Device Functionality

Android users already have the privilege of setting the functionality of the device according to its location i.e. the functionality of the device will change automatically according to location like office, home, car or any other place. For example if the gadget detects that you are travelling in your car, the gadget would automatically connect car’s Bluetooth with the phone’s one. Or if it detects that you have reached home, then it disables all the lock screen features. We have hearing rumors that iOS platform is also going to support such feature from a long time, but we are yet to see it.

Multiple Users Support

Android platform supports multiple user support which enables many users to see a single gadget without interfering with the others documents. This is specially useful in a family where more than one can use a tablet and at the same time the parents can keep an eye on the activities of the children when they are connected to the net. Till now we didn’t find this feature in iOS platform and we really hope to see it soon.

Improve Proactive

Proactive and Google Now are the two virtual assistants that even introduced by Google and Apple respectively. After using both it is absolutely evident that Google Now is much better in comparison to Proactive. Google Now keeps you updated about your regular appointments, flight schedule, events and apps and I personally find it really convenient. Though Google Now is also available in iOS platform but it is not as efficient as in Android platform because of Google’s privacy features.

Modify Default Apps  

Though Apple gadgets are preferred by most users because, its range of products is extremely personalized, but while using it you may have the feeling that you are using a stranger’s phone. This is because Apple never allows the users to uninstall the default apps. Most Apple users would be happy to hear that Apple is also allowing third party apps in its gadgets in place of the default apps. Lets hope that this year iPhone users will have the option of uninstalling preinstalled apps and using third party apps.

Wider Range of Wallpapers

Android users can easily change wallpapers and a wide range of 2D as well as 3D theme based wallpapers are available to the users. Android users can easily download it and change it. But iOS users have access to a limited collection of live wallpapers and honestly it is not as remarkable as Android’s wallpapers. This is one of the most serious drawbacks of iOS platform on which it needs to work on.

Free Google Backup

Android users have the privilege of creating a back up of all your data and photos in Google Drive or Photos at free of cost. Any smartphone run on Android platform of any price range will have this privilege only of they have access to internet. However, iPhone users have to pay excess monthly fee for getting access to iCloud. It is time that iOS users at least allow its users to store at least a limited amount of data in iCloud at free of cost.

Better Top of Screen Status Bar

The Top of Screen Status bar of iPhone or iPad mainly consist of unnecessary things like the carriers name, long battery and other things which are not that important. However, the status bar of Android platform mainly displays all the necessary things such as alarm clock if you have already set an alarm, download status, Wi-fi and Bluetooth symbol if they are turned on and other important things that are present in the notification center. This is really helpful for the users and if we iOS adapts this feature, then we would be more than happy.

Change Emergency Alert Settings

Both Android and iOS has emergency alert features. However, in iOS platform there is no option to change the settings of the emergency alert like disable vibration or give reminder only once in two minutes or fifteen minutes. Moreover, there is an option to categorize between ‘extreme threat to life and property’, ‘severe threat to life and property’ and AMBER alerts. In iOS platform users have only two options ‘emergency alert’ or ‘AMBER Alerts’ and with the option of either turning them on or off.

Touch ID Should Not Wipe Away Notifications

One of the main problems with iOS is that whenever the user touches the Touch ID, all the notifications wipe away and are stored in the form of group notification. This is not so in case of Android platform. I have to swipe through them one by one to clear it. I found Android approach to handle this problem which more scientific and user friendly and thus would expect in next generation iOS platform i.e. iOS 10.…

iOS 10 To Feature Smart Home Kit Apps

It’s time to forget all smart devices because rumors in the air that Apple is bringing some apps to control each and every nook and corner of your smart home with its upcoming iOS 10. The world is changing and the household too. Technology steps into each part of our sweet home, from smart sensing lights to heat sensing air conditioners, we can get everything controlled at our fingertips with Apple’s new standalone smart home kit apps.

Standalone Home Kit apps to control Smart Home from iPhone

Let us inform you; it’s not coming with a software upgrade, with the next OS, iOS 10 instead. Various rumors have indicated towards some drastic changes of iPhone’s next operating system. Finally lion comes out of the cave.

For developers, a new window of new opportunities, you better can say a window of limitless opportunities because there are a lot of things you can do while it comes to put technologies into every household items and machines!

Smart Home Kit App Finally becomes iPhone Compatible

In the next month, Apple is gonna hold a conference for developers and this concept may be introduced there in front of the all enthusiastic developers. If you think that it’s a sudden change then you are absolutely wrong my buddy. Apple introduced it long back ago, in 2014 for the developers and manufacturers of household machines and tools. But this time it’s coming with a band and as a user, you can experience every little changed in smart home concept.

WWDC 2016 and upcoming iOS 10- Change is coming

Doubtlessly, iOS 10 will change the whole overview of controlling smart home devices. It’s time to go remoteless and do all things using your iPhone only. Many companies are heading to capture the market of smart home tools seriously and Apple is not far behind to grab this opportunity to control every iPhone user. Companies like LG have already announced that they have made their way through iPhone compatible apps to control the machines and tools. Be prepared to experience a ground-shaking change in WWDC 2016 which is gonna start from 13th June.

iOS 10 To Feature all in one Control for iPhone, MacBook and Smart TV

One after another rumours are hitting the market and iOS 10 rumour heating up the environment. Apple’s upcoming smartphone operating system is going to feature a never seen technology that will enable users to control Apple TV and Macbook and that also by some simple tapping. It’s going to be an “all in one” operating system for all Apple devices.

A better Siri, better Voice Control

Siri is coming with a couple of improvements this time. Let your voice command your wish. It’s refining the voice search. Go touchless and go beyond the future.

Control Every Apple device with iOS 10

With an iPhone you can control everything what you need, from changing channels in your TV to controlling Macbook. Beta version is expected to release in June 2016. Rumors rounding up that iOS 10 can’t be jail broken. This system is called rootless.

Privacy is still a big concern

Apple is working on fixing bugs and controlling hackers. Privacy in iCloud is expected to be tightened up as a lot of controversies were boomed out after celebs’ secret pictures had leaked publicly by a group of hackers.

Rumors are indicating some prominent changes like fluidic control panel and all in one setting where anyone can do with the Apple devices in home whatever they want. It seems by iOS 10; Apple is trying to bring all things under a single umbrella. Is it for simple control or towards a gigantic and robust technological revolution? Time will reveal everything.…

iOS 10 Promises An Improvised and Much Better Siri

If you get annoyed while hearing voicemails, then you are not the only person who hates this ordeal. I find instant messengers and text messages are much better way to converse with someone, when you cannot reach over that person in phone.

Good news is that, Apple developers have come to know how much we hate voicemail and thereby it is trying to improvise Siri in such a way so that Siri can take calls on our behalf and transcribe the voicemail messages as well. This would be a major development that iOS 10 is expected to come with next year.

This service would be named iCloud Voicemail and it would let iPhone to provide instruction to Siri when they are busy. Thereafter, Siri is going to take all the calls on behalf of the user instead of automatically passing it on to voicemail. Thereafter, the caller can leave a message which will be automatically transcribed by Siri and saved in iCloud.

In the present iOS, some major improvements were integrated specially with regard to the virtual assistant feature, which was made all the more powerful. The virtual assistant of iOS 9 platform has become a prototype of Google Now, thereby assisting the users in all possible ways.

However, we could not ignore the fact that Apple’s interest in developing the virtual assistant, developing the iCloud service and launching of the unique SIM card concept might be an indication of the fact that Apple is thinking of starting over a new business. It will be planning to become a mobile virtual network operator in the future and that is why it has started taking all these baby steps.

We have lots more to share, so stay in touch with us for the latest news.…